Professional Package Proline

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Professional Package Proline

The Proline waxmaster is the preffered machine for intensive daily usage, and has all the necessary certification.

  • Waxmaster Proline
  • 5 Boxes of Proline Gold Wax
  • 6 Colored Dye
  • 1 Box Preservation Kit
  • 1 Box Casting Stone Kit
  • 1 Box Seperator Cream
  • 1 Box LED-Display Tubes (Adaptor)
  • 1 Box LED-Display Tubes (Battery)
  • User Manual

Proline Gold Wax: 500 hands per box
Basic Wax: 400 hands per boxHands are on average sold for €10,- or more.

The entire purchase price of this package is covered after
selling only 400-700 hands, depending on the package configuration.

Proline Waxmaster Package includes 2 days free* training.
*Excluding travel and accommodation.