Proline Color

We at Waxhands always try to improve our products and have been doing this under the name Proline.

The Proline Gold Wax has now been available for over 2 years and has been an amazing
success all over the world!

Our latest innovations are our Proline Gold Colors!

After Years of research and development we have finally come up with the final product and
the results are astonishing.

Gold Colors are much brighter and much more concentrated, meaning that you will
have to use less Wax to get a better result!

With these new Colored Dyes you will be able to make great looking Waxhands, and save a lot
of Wax (Dye) in the process.

Only having to dip the Waxhand once in the new Proline Gold Colors, you will save a lot of
time and make it a lot easier!

Some of the numbers of our Non-Proline Gold Colors will be replaced with the new Proline Gold Colors, however if you would like to order the normal Colored Dye’s you still can do so.

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