The Waxhand machine can be operated at almost all locations where people enjoy themselves. The application areas of the Waxmaster are extremely versatile.

The business with Waxhands is not only interesting for existing attractions such as shops or parks, but also for anyone who wants to become self-employed with this innovative business idea. With Waxhand you have a complete business concept that is unique in its own way.


Secure tomorrow’s customers today. For example: families with children and grandchildren in an amusement park; They have their hands copied in 3D 1:1 and are thrilled. Waxhand looks great, is unique and probably the most individual souvenir.At full workload your investment in the Waxhand machine is paid back after one month. There is probably no other business in which this is possible.

Learn more about the machines and the wax.

At home the Waxhand is ever-visible on the shelf and not just the proud owner remembers the day at the amusement park. Even school friends and neighbors’ children will be attracted to it. Not everybody has a perfect copy of his own hand. Something like that gets talked about. The children will never forget such an experience. They will always know where they got their Waxhand from. These are your customers of tomorrow.

With Waxhands you are not only selling a product with which you can earn good money. You are also making advertising that stays in the heads of your customers. And your customers are paying you for it. Thus, the Waxhands machine has an added value that is difficult or not at all possible to have with other products.

Watch the video below to see an example of the crowds that form, exited for Waxhands.

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