Introducing our budget line of Waxmaster, we have developed the Table Top Waxmaster. This Waxmaster is perfect for people who want to start selling Waxhands but are on a budget. It is also smaller than the Waxmaster Pro Line, making it easier to move around.

The dimensions of the Table Top Waxmasters are 80 x 40 x 35 cm, making it very mobile. The unit consists of 1 dipping pot and 4 color pots.The Table Top Waxmaster operates on 230V 1400W.

The Table Top Waxmaster is a perfect fit for people who want to start in the Waxhands Business.

While developing the Table Top Waxmaster we placed great emphasis on safety and durability. All the electronic components are designed for industrial use. Tested, Completely Safe and with a 2 year Warranty and CE Certificate plus IECCE Certificate (only company in the world with this certification)
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