Do you want to Experience Waxhands for yourself, but there is no Location close to you? Then this is the perfect Solution!

    With the Waxhands Experience we come to you, and let you experience the process of making Waxhands for yourself.
    The Waxhands Experience is perfect for Children Parties, Company Parties or even to promote the opening of a new Location or Company.

    Do you want to have a great day with your family, friends or colleagues or Promote your company then the Waxhands Experience is something for you.

    -All options come with an unlimited amount of hands made-


    1 Proline Waxmaster

    Perfect for Parties and small Promotions


    1 Proline Waxmaster & 1 Single Pot Waxmaster

    Perfect for big parties, promotions and events. Double the capacity due to the Single Pot Waxmaster.


    2 Proline Waxmasters & 1 Single Pot Waxmaster

    Perfect for large Parties, big Promotions and Big Events, Triple the capacity due to 2 Waxmasters and a Single Pot Waxmaster.


      You can find a video of the crowds the Waxhands Experience attracts down below. As you can see it is a true Crowdpuller and the perfect way to have a great day at your party/event or to Promote your great (new) Business.

      For more information please contact:

      • +31 6 10399429
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