All of the Waxmasters are tested intensively and are completely safe. The Waxmasters all have a 2 year warranty and are CE certified, which is approved in The Netherlands. Additionally the Waxmaster is the only Waxhands machine in the world with an IECCE Certificate.



The daily turnover per Waxmaster is around 160 hands a day. When stationed on a location with 7 days a week availability, a monthly turnover of 50000 is achievable.


While developing the Waxmaster Proline we placed great emphasis on safety and durability. All the electronic components are designed for industrial use. Tested, Completely Safe and with a 2 year Warranty and CE Certificate plus IECCE Certificate (only company in the world with this certification)


The Waxmaster is made out of high quality stainless steel, ensuring a decade long life time. To ensure the temperature is steady, the Waxmaster is configured so it can’t exceed 58 C. This safety results in a comfortable temperature for the customer and burns are completely excluded.
  • Great quality and durability
  • Machine can be moved liquid so immediately start at arrival on location
  • High quality stainless steel build
  • High quality, CE Certified electronics
  • Very mobile, due to the wheels
  • Simple operation and easy handling
  • Short learning curve, easy usability


Voltage:230 V
Power:1800 Watt
Length:1200 mm
Depth:600 mm
Height:930 mm
Length with grip1280 mm
Filled incl. Wax:130 Kg
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