COVID-19 (Corona Virus) 

UPDATE April 24 2020 : 

Introduction of the new Covid-19 safe Waxhands method, for more information see the video below.

UPDATE April 1 2020 :

Unveiling of the new Proline Colors, which are much brighter and easier in use:

Waxhands Europe’s measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 (also Corona virus) – until May 20, 2020: 


  • Particular attention is paid to compliance with the necessary hygiene measures (corresponding instructions and guidelines have been issued)
  • Reduction of the external contacts to the minimum necessity
  • No business trips
  • Employees who show flu or cold symptoms are encouraged to stay at home
  • Internal meetings are reduced to the minimum necessity
  • In the area of goods receiving and shipping, the employees were additionally sensitized and the hygiene measures adjusted in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities. 


Normal operation is currently guaranteed, the stocks are sufficient for several weeks and are currently not affected by the effects of the Covid-19. We also hope that the additional measures taken will keep the company going in the event of an infection among employees.


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