Waxhands Europe is the worlds number 1 supplier for all your Waxhands Supplies, and a Brand that with world wide exposure and and appeal that offers an very dependable business!

Since 2003 Waxhands has been the main supplier of Madame Tussauds Amsterdam, and have been expanding ever since. Nowadays we supply most Madame Tussauds all over the world and many more satisfied customers everywhere.We are constantly developing new ways to make Waxhands even better than it already is.

By becoming a Waxhands Franchisee, you become part of the Big Waxhands Family, and will be supported wherever you need it.

 There are no additional fees included, making Waxhands one of the most inexpensive and profitable Franchises in the World!

 For us the most important part of doing business is our customer service, and when you decide to become a franchisee we will make sure you are well prepared and are able to do anything!

Why choose Waxhands Europe?

  • The World Leader in Waxhands: Over the past 15 years we have expanded all over the world, and developed the highest quality materials. Our unique Wax makes Waxhands a fantastic product.
  • Low initial investment with a high ROI: To become part of the Waxhands Family, you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money. With our most inexpensive Package Deal, you can start from €1495,00/£1345,00/$1695.00. You will have everything you need to start raking in the profits!
  • No additional Franchise Fees: When you decide to become a franchisee for Waxhands Europe you will not have to pay any additional Franchise fees, meaning the price to get started is as cheap as our Package Deals. When purchasing your first Waxhands Machine, you become a franchisee and are allowed to use our name, logo and all other aspects, for no additional fee.
  • Unique Concept: Waxhands is a very unique concept, this makes working with Waxhands so much fun. You will be able to earn your money by doing something not many people do.
  • Extremely Rewarding: Making Waxhands is extremely rewarding, not only money wise but also people wise. Your customers will be extremely happy with their own Waxhand. When you see the smiles on your customers your day will be made.

When you become a franchisee for Waxhands Europe, you become part of our Family. You will be trained to make sure you are able to sell Waxhands and entertain your crowd. Additionally we are always available for any assistance needed.

We are looking forward  to welcome you into our family, and are excited for all the possibilities!


Below are video’s from a couple of our customers

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