After years of intensive research and development we have recently developed a new very special unbreakable wax, our Proline Gold Wax. This is the greatest wax we have ever produced.

The Proline Gold wax is a one of a kind Wax that has been carefully developed into something magical.

It is the only proven flexible wax.


  • Unbreakable
  • Flexible as chewing gum (possible to reshape)
  • Easy process
  • Fast production
  • Beautiful texture
  • One of a kind

The benefits of our new Wax are astonishing, making Waxhands can now be done by anyone without intensive training. The process of making Waxhands is also drastically reduced, making it possible to sell more hands a day.

The main improvement of the Proline Gold Wax is the texture, it is as flexible as chewing gum, and doesn’t leave behind any drippings. This makes it possible to reshape the hand whenever it is necessary, by simply sliding the customers hand back into the Waxhand.

Since the wax is as flexible as chewing gum, the hand is unbreakable.
When it is dropped by anyone the hand will bounce on the ground, unharmed. The Proline Gold Wax is the only Wax in the world capable of doing this.

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